VETERANS; FREE Refurbished Computers

PCs for Vets is registered as a non-profit organization that provides free computers, and classes for basic internet and computer skills, exclusively to veterans and their families.  We are actively pursuing companies that will provide software, such as voice and eye recognition programs, for disabled veterans who would otherwise be unable to use

a computer.

PCs4VETS is a nonprofit corporation that provides free refurbished computers, software, and education in their use to veterans and veteran’s family members, to help them integrate into mainstream society and for any veteran in need of a computer or training. A priority of PCs4Vets is the development of training classes that will help those veterans in need to become more employable and even how to start their own small business. Our priority in giving computers is to any disabled veteran, those veterans being deployed, those returning home, veteran family members, and all others, in that order. PCs4Vets intends to convey enough information to be of significant value in enabling veterans to help themselves.PCs4Vets was founded by a disabled veteran and is run by veterans.

Help a Hero Campaign:

America’s veterans are our family members, friends, neighbors, and people we work with. They have done a lot for us, let’s give something back!

  • Donate your old computers to PCs for Vets
  • Help provide an American Hero with a computer
  • *Get a tax credit for you or your company

That’s all it takes for you to help one of America’s veterans get a computer, and create for them opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Having a computer, along with the skills needed to use one, can change lives;

I am a disabled veteran and I know this to be true

Michael Baker

President; PCs for Vets

USMC; 68-70


For detailed information, visit our website at:
You may also call: (952) 451-0975 or Email us at or kim@pcs4vets.


About bakeone

The president of SCI Solutions and PCs for Vets; a nonprofit organization that distributes free computers and classes in their use exclusively to veterans and their family members A member of S.D.V.O.B.
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7 Responses to VETERANS; FREE Refurbished Computers

  1. This is a great program for all vets, regardless of when, where, or how you served. I encourage them and any of their family members to take advantage of this.
    Our launch date is Aug, 30, 2010

  2. Tyrone Timms says:

    i am 100% disabled PT with the VA and a purple heart receipient looking for a computer

  3. I am A disabled vet and drawing disability.I would love to have A computer but on my income I cant afored one.It would alowe me to better keep in touch with my family.I want to thank you for your kind consideration.

  4. Thank you for considering me.I cant aforde a computer on my va disability.

  5. Douglas Ross says:

    Dear Sir
    I’m a disabled Gulf war veteran and after many years I am still recovering from depression and anxiety disorder, writing and art is one of the things that somewhat helps with this problem, for the past six years I’ve been writing cartoons and creating the characters, but I don’t have the money to take my projects to the next step. so I’ll be brief and to the point. I was wondering if at all possible would you be able to part with one of your laptops that will help aid me in this process, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely; Douglas A. Ross,

    11843 Spruce Mountain Dr.
    Houston, Tx 77067

  6. Gregory Young says:

    Hi my name is gregory young an iam a disabled combat veteran in desperate need of a laptop computer for school an want to thank you organization for you commitment to us veteran in need, thank you very much.

    Gregory Young
    8141 Campbell Street
    Kansas city, Mo Apt 209

    Gregory Young.

  7. Douglas Ross says:

    If at all possible laptop or ipad.
    Sincerely; Douglas A Ross
    11843 Spruce Mountain Dr.
    Houston, Tx 77067

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